Jeeves Manila, proud user of GreenEarth Cleaning, and iBD Asia wish you to stay safe, healthy and strong in the midst of a global coronavirus crisis.


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GreenEarth Cleaning

We are closely monitoring the global coronavirus crisis.  We hope you're staying safe and looking out for each other in these difficult times.

GreenEarth Cleaning (USA)
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The GreenEarth Story  Our founders cleaned their first garment with a silicone solution in the back of a science lab in 1998.  They were longtime dry cleaners preparing to exit an industry plagued by the environmental contamination issues of perc solvent.  After seeing the potential for a safe alternative to perc cleaning, GreenEarth Cleaning was formed.  Today more than 600 million pounds of garments have been cleaned with GreenEarth Cleaning solution worldwide.  In the Philippines, iBD.A is the master licensee of GreenEarth Cleaning serving the needs of the industry.